Freein 10' Inflatable All Around SUP

Color: Aqua
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Freein All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board was designed for the paddle board warrior, the perfect board for all skill levels. It’s no wonder why we call this the All Around. This inflatable is ideal for all conditions and designed for whatever type of paddling you’re craving. Best of all, with a removable seat, it can be turned into a kayak in seconds.
SKU: FKO-305SA22
Subtotal: $249.00
Board Length 10'
Board Width 33"
Board Thickness 6"
Board Weight 18.7 lbs
Weight Limit 270 lbs
Optimal Persons 1
Pump Double Action Hand Pump 25"
Optimal Inflation 12-14 psi
Paddle Convertible SUP Kayak Paddle
5'3"-7'3" / 2.9lbs
Fins 2 + 1 Fin
Bag Travel Backpack
37"x18"x10" / 2.6lbs
✔️ Freein 10' All Around SUP x 1
✔️ Travel Backpack x 1
✔️ Detachable Kayak Seat x 1
✔️ Double Action Hand Pump x 1
✔️ Convertible SUP Kayak Paddle x 1
✔️ Removable Fin x 1
✔️ 10' Coiled Leash x 1
✔️ Pump Adaptor x 1
✔️ Repair Kit x 1
Freein 10' Inflatable All Around SUP

Freein 10' Inflatable All Around SUP


Freein 10' Inflatable All Around SUP

Color: Aqua

Description And Board Features

The Freein All Around SUP performs well in all water conditions. Designed for stability and portability, it's an excellent go-anywhere paddle board. A great SUP for beginner and intermediate paddlers. The All Around SUP is a great board that is durable and strong enough to glide through not only waves but flat water. This product comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you need for going on an epic adventure.

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