Jolldo 10'6" Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

Color: Brown
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Jolldo paddleboard is 10’6” long, 31’ wide, and 6” thick, which was tested being the best size to provide the most stability when standing up. Especially suitable for beginners! Fast inflates and deflates design let you easily roll it up into the backpack for easy travel, and you can take your inflatable paddleboard to lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. wherever you want to go!
SKU: J106-Br
Subtotal: $199.00
Board Length 10'6
Board Width 31"
Board Thickness 6"
Board Weight 16.9 lbs
Weight Limit 271 lbs
Optimal Persons 1
Pump Hand Pump 25"
Optimal Inflation 12-14 psi
Paddle Adjustable SUP Paddle
5'6"-7'1" / 1.8lbs
Fins Single Fin
Bag Compact Backpack
37"x18"x10" / 1.8lbs
✔️ Jolldo 10'6 SUP x 1
✔️ Travel Backpack x 1
✔️ Hand Pump x 1
✔️ Adjustable SUP Paddle x 1
✔️ Removable Fin x 1
✔️ 10' Coiled Leash x 1
✔️ Cellphone Waterproof Case x 1
✔️ Repair Kit x 1
Jolldo 10'6" Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

Jolldo 10'6" Inflatable Paddle Board SUP


Jolldo 10'6" Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

Color: Brown

Why Choose Jolldo Inflatable Sup?

Quality Material: Jolldo ISUP is made of quality military-grade PVC and drop stitch material. We provide the most durable brushed Thickening paddle board on the market, which constructed with additional military-grade PVC layer of board rails are strengthened the board.

Stable: This paddle board boasts increased stability and comfort making it suitable, the good traction through water and stability make this board ideal for beginner paddleboarders trying yoga positions while on flat water and cruising through rivers.

Lightweight: The package is comprehensive and accessible for younger paddlers due to the competitive lightweight of Jolldo. The SUP kit includes all the essential things that you need, This stuff weighs 17lbs only.

Adjustable Paddle: A paddle is what propels you through the water, so the comfort becomes paramount. Our paddle can be adjusted to the height of different players which are suitable for the whole family.

Jolldo adheres to higher product quality and ethical standards. Whether you are an explorer or just looking for a fun way to get out on the water, this quality and experience the board provides you must be a great value for money!

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